Framing the Dialogue


In Getaway, two known authors; Nelson DeMille (one of my favorites) and Lisa Scottoline combine forces to write a story using their popular characters; John Corey and Bennie Rosato.

Corey is at a remote lake recuperating from injury when he runs into Rosato who is frantic about something she saw while walking in the woods.  It turns out that they are “lake” neighbors and both strong characters.

“Two men in ski masks held Bennie at gunpoint in the living room. “Put your hands up,” one said to him. He stood looking at the two men. The taller man was pointing a Glock at him, holding it in a two-hand grip. The other guy had his gun at the port arms position, his head and eyes darting around the room. They were professionals. But professional what?”

As much as I like DeMille’s work, this collaboration was not very good.  It had the bones of a good story, but no meat.  I thought that the ending was forced.  I still like John Corey though.

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