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trump-winsAs I’ve watched the news, read the papers, and listened to the radio over the past week since Donald J. Trump was elected to be our next President of the United States (POTUS), a few things strike me…well more than a few, but here they go:

  1. I am still in awe about how President-elect Trump suddenly became a racist, homophobe, woman-hating, muslim bashing, red neck as soon as became a threat to actually compete for the presidency.  The guy has been in the public eye for decades and I’ve never heard a peep about how bad he is/was until he became a Republican.  Hell even most establishment Republicans were against him…and that’s why he won!
  2. Where are the Clintons and Obamas telling the violent protesters to stop destroying property and ruining businesses?  They’re the ones who these folks support and they are the ones who would be best to help mend the “divided” country.  I am not so sure how divided we are as I suspect the country is pretty good, but there are a very loud, whiney minority of angry folks who take pride in nothing but being victims.
  3. I saw an article about “The Bern” and how he is going to stand up to Trump.  Yeah like he stood up to Hilary and her machine.  If any Sanders’ supporters are out there remember how he folded and hailed to the Clintons…even after it came out about their jew-hating and plots to not have him succeed.
  4. Trump wants term limits.  Yeah…finally.  Not a chance that Congress will pass as they love the power more than anything.
  5. Ditto on lobbying bans.
  6. Ditto on becoming a lobbyist for foreign interests.
  7. I saw a liberal radio talk show host guest appearance on Judge Jeanine this past Saturday.  She was screaming and talking over the host about how gays and minorities are being targeted.  Where?  She couldn’t give examples…she just knows that Trump fans are going out in gangs to beat the crap out of these people.  The Judge suggested that the solution is to simply call the police.  I am not sure she heard over her wailing.  I guess if you say in often enough and loud enough folks will start to believe it.  I don’t…at least without evidence.
  8. The protesters are protesting what?  I’ve seen some interviews and they don’t seem to know.  Trump won!  He is not president yet!  He hasn’t done anything yet!  I guess they are protesting the free election process because it didn’t go their way.  Waaa Waaa.
  9. Hey college protesters!  Ask yourself a question as your tuition loans go up and up and up.  Actually two questions; 1. Why has tuition gone up at more than twice the rate of inflation during the Obama Administration;  2.  Why is the interest rate on your student loan more than double the interest rate that you could get to buy a car, a house, or a new iPhone?  Isn’t Obama in charge of student loans now?  Why are you being screwed so much? (Okay that was like three questions, but the last two were related).
  10. Ripped from today’s headlines; “Women fear loss of access to care.”  I am not going to link to this drivel.  See number 8.  Trump floated some ideas to replace Obamacare as, I guess folks didn’t know that it’s failing miserably and premiums continue to rise along with out-of-pocket costs, with some common sense ideas that were floated by conservatives when Obamacare was being pushed through…you know the bill we had to pass so we could learn what’s in it.  How is a failing heath insurance system that more and more people cannot afford be better than structural changes that should make health insurance more affordable?  Please DO NOT confuse “care” with “insurance” as most media outlets do.  There is a difference and it is sad that they either don’t know the difference or ignore it to scare you.
  11. scared-of-trumpI was listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Note To Self, before the election titled “Digging Into Facebook’s File On You.”  In the beginning the host and her guest were discussing the potential election of Mr. Trump.  The host expressed concern about how a Trump administration might be snooping on us and her guest offered the fear her biracial children expressed and if they’d have to move if Mr. Trump would win.  So the host was concerned about an snooping Trump administration while we are under the most intrusive and secretive administration of all time [search Richard Snowden].  The guest has scared her children to the point where they are scared of jack-booted Nazis coming to their door sometime after President Trump is sworn in.  Last time I checked this is still America and she may want to look in the mirror and think about what she is teaching her children.  A note here;  When I went back to the podcast to re-listen to the exchange, it was no longer part of that podcast.  Either is was removed or I misremembered which one it was on.  I trust my memory though.
  12. The ACLU has “threatened” to protect Obama measures if Trump goes too far.  Unfortunately for the ACLU and the left, most of Obama’s policies were pushed through without congressional approval and through executive action and thus can be changed just as easily.  Where was the ACLU when Obama was going exceeding his executive power?   I think the ACLU takes on just few enough “conservative” cases that they think we might overlook their leftist slant.
  13. Threats against Mr. Trump are being made.  This is now a federal offense that I trust that the Obama Administration will investigate and prosecute to the fullest extent of the law.  Even if some of the threats come from his music and hollyweird friends.
  14. Celebrity movers; please keep your promises to leave the country, renounce your citizenship as you promised.  As many others have said before me…you won’t be missed.  Just because you can [sing, act, play ball, dance] doesn’t mean you are smarter than the rest of us and that we care what you think.  We see you give the global warming speech then jump on your private jet.  The irony…no hypocrisy is not lost on us.
  15. Funny thing that the NYT has vowed to be less slanted [that’s my wording].  So does that make that an admission of guilt by NYT?  It essentially does, but probably not in their mind.  Perhaps the other left-media will follow suit.  I’m not holding my breath though.
  16. Finally…let’s hope that this “upset” will end both the Clinton and Bush “dynasties” as the country needs a rest from both families.  If Chelsea or some Bush child decides to run, there needs to an effort to thwart them at every turn.  We have to have better people in office.

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