Framing the Dialogue

Fury & Light

fury and light“WAR PLAN WHITEWOLF SUMMARY:  Find out who did it.  Bring their world to an end.  And that was it, in essence.  That was WhiteWolf at its core.  Use every resource available to the United States to find out who had attacked them, then retaliate in kind.”

Chris Stewart’s fourth book in the Great And Terrible series picks up the story of a wounded, but still dangerous America seeking revenge.  For all of its fury, leaders hesitate allowing one more punch…and it’s a big one. Fury and Light follows the same characters as they struggle with one disaster only to face another.  With the loss of their patriarch, the Brightons are guided by a higher force and begin making their way forward.  Again this is a strong good versus evil story.  Now that we have the background and techniques Lucifer and his minions the author inserts them as they try to influence mortal actions.  Perhaps like a darker, more meaningful version of the stereotypical version of the devil/angel conscience in many tales.

As I have said in the previous reviews this is a well written novel and the series has begun to hook me in deep where I actively make time to sit and read.  The book also exposes topics that need to see the light such as preparedness.  How many of you could survive for a year, no even a month without utilities, not able to just turn your tap on for water or run to the store for some food?

“I was lying to you then.  I promised you everything, but none of it is real.  None of it will last forever.  It will all come crashing down.  We can fight and scratch and murder, we can lie and cheat and kill.  We can plot and plan and muster, but we are never going to win.  The sun will still rise in the morning.  Light will always chase the dark.  We cannot win.  We never could.”

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