Framing the Dialogue

Full of Hot Wind

I often (usually) listen to commercial talk radio during the day when possible and certainly on the commute to/from work.  Since I said “commercial” talk radio you know it must be conservative talk radio as there are no viable, commercial, liberal talk shows or stations at least that can be found.  I am often surprised at some of the advertisements that folks pay to play to a mostly conservative audience.  Some of the stuff just seems like a complete waste of money.

One that has been playing lately is from a group The Citizens For Strength and Security Fund (please excuse me if I got their name wrong as I am usually driving when the commercial plays…that and based on their plea they are not worth looking up).  Their pitch is about the soon-to-expire “wind farm energy tax credits.”  You see wind provides jobs (I resisted doing a cheap joke about politicians and wind); thousands of jobs according to the advertisement.  There is enough wind energy to power 250,000 homes (they conveniently left out the “when the wind is actually blowing just right – not too soft; not too hard”).  There are nearly 5,500,000 homes in Pennsylvania and there is no mention of industry, hospitals, and other commercial institutions who also need/use power.

They also lament the fact that the wind industry has laid off thousands of workers recently.  The group argues that the wind energy tax credits are “bipartisan” and that power companies oppose the credits;

“Low prices for wind energy result in lower bills for consumers which cut into power company’s bottom line.”

Bird/Bat Blenders

I’ve posted a time or two about the fallacies of wind power not the least of which is the propensity of the turbines’ destruction of birds and bats in large numbers.  I guess you can kill birds and bats

as long as it is for green energy.  But I digress as this was a simple post about economics.

The “fancy name” group is asking citizens to call their representatives to push for the tax credit for wind energy so that they can get lower electric bills.  This is so funny I can cry except that sheeple will fall for this.  In essence they want to take tax money from you to get tax credits for wind industry (remember before the government can give to someone they first have to take from you) to subsidize the industry thus reducing your energy bill.  Let me put it another way…they want to tax you, pass your EARNINGS through a myriad of government agencies and give a tax credit so that your electric bill will be lower.  Knowing government like we do how much of each dollar taken from earnings and put through a federal government black box is available for the credit?

You also gotta love how they are “tax credits” when it is something the left supports and “subsidies” when they are against it.  We’re not falling for this one…politicians probably will, but not us.

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