Framing the Dialogue

Full Court Press

878-JVST_MARYS-INGLEWOOD07_standalone_prod_affiliate_4Debate is still raging over Democare.  I am thinking that “Democare” may be more descriptive than Obamacare as we need to chain this legislation to all of the Democrats.  Let’s pin this to them like a tattoo.  Unfortunately, the left is still pushing a vigorous agenda of big government and big spending and wealth spreading.  Lest you are relaxing as Democare has taken a hiatus (you know it will be back) here are some of the other socialist agenda items that you may have missed:

There is so much more, but I have to leave and go scream my head off.  All of the above may have led to this item:

There is no word about the duct tape industry.  I bought two roll for myself this week to wrap my head so that it does not explode. 

God help us.

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