Framing the Dialogue

Full Black

Released in the heat of the summer of 2011, Full Black adds more heat as super agent Scot Harvath is once again thrust in the middle of a vast terrorist network.  Their intent is the same, but the methods and leaders may surprise you.  Author Brad Thor hits another home run in this latest thriller as Harvath and company race across the globe struggling to prevent further attacks.  The list of perpetratorstouch on all of America’s “enemies;” China, Russia, Middle East, Britain, and Globalists.  All Harvath knows is that his security is compromised hence the need to go “full black” refering to deep deep cover. 

As usual Thor pulls from current events to spin his tale and in my opinion the terror leader is strikingly similar to a real person (though I am sure that any similarity to an actual person is purely coincidental).  I have come to run out of adjectives to describe Thor’s Scot Harvath series.  Suffice to say that I made a point to purchase the novel on the day it was released as I have faith that I will be riveted, scared, angry, shocked, and most of all entertained. 

Is there a better compliment other than I’ll do the same thing for Scot Harvath’s next adventure.

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