Framing the Dialogue

Frozen Heat

frozen heat“Was she suffering poor judgment from PTSD, after all?  Or was she starting to see her precious emotional compartments as obstacles instead of allies and going with her gut more?  Or was there truly some unseen force guiding her?  Or was she just plain obsessed with this case?”

 Frozen Heat…all that I want to start with is WOW!

This was by far the best book in the series.  We start off with the sort of cliff hanger from book three.  Nikki Heat is dealing with the death of someone close and is called to the scene of yet another crime.  As she is taking a preliminary look at the crime scene she is floored…literally floored when she sees something that slams her back in time.  Being hobbled by a useless commander, Heat, actually becomes obsessed with the case which quickly hits home and gets personal.

This has all of the interaction and interplay of the television series and the previous books.  While that is enjoyable, the author took this one to a whole new level.  I lost sleep reading this one.

Read it!


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