Framing the Dialogue

From The End Of Heaven

from the end of heavenIt’s 10:47 am on a Saturday.  A Saturday after which I spent the early part of Friday evening finishing the fourth novel in Chris Stewar’s Great And Terrible series only to immediately start into this the fifth in the series. From the End of Heaven continues the story of the Brightons, though the story is more than about them.  They perhaps can be described by me as the backbone of the tale.  The United States is rapidly falling into chaos and chaos is what Lucifer loves.  We see more and more the depth and reach of our nation’s enemies and what they will do to grab power.  Though still full of devastating images the “Light” is beginning to have a stronger presence.  We are reunited with an old friend from the first book as he works to guide mortal souls.

There are lessons here and unfortunately most folks who need the lessons would never read such a book and even if they started to read the first book they would most likely be offended by the overt religious nature of some of the characters.  This story is more black and white than most people are comfortable with.  There is actually good and evil in our world.

“Most people no longer want to bother with actually governing themselves.  They want a nanny more than freedom, someone to feed and bathe them and take care of the details, someone to make decisions, to make life easy if not satisfying, or complete.  They don’t want to really understand and analyze all their problems-those are far too complex.  Free will is such a bother when there are so many other things to think about.  Morality is such a distraction…”

You probably didn’t note that I started this book last night and I am writing a review a little over twelve hours after I started it.  That means that I was up a good part of the night reading.  I haven’t done this in a long time and though tired I really enjoyed the sleeplessness.  I’ll pay for it later…maybe with a nap.  As I lie there with the finished book at my side I thought about the story, the hope contained within the evil.  I didn’t feel like sleep even though is was late or early depending on your perspective.  I ended up padding downstairs to my “library” to grab the sixth and final volume.


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