Framing the Dialogue


The subtitle of the book, “A Rogue Economist Explores the Hidden Side of Everything” was an intriguing draw for me as I am an expert economist.  Ok, I am not an expert.  I just work for a living, own (at least partially) a house and run a small business out of my home.  I do have an interest in economics and found the theories compelling as did most of America. 

When Freakonomics hit the stores, Steven D. Levitt or was it Stephen J. Dubner made the rounds of the talk shows and made a lot of controversial claims.  One claim is that the increase in the number of abortions and their availability to lower income families has lowered the crime rate.  Families who would otherwise raise future criminals are benefiting society by aborting their kids.  I am oversimplifying this chapter, but I don’t want to give you so much that you won’t buy the book. 

The book is a great read and the Steven’s or is it Stephens’s shine their light on many issues and the book is well worth reading.  Lest you be tempted to buy all of their theories, John R. Lott Jr has written a rebuttal named Freedomnomics.  Read Freakonomics then read Freedomnomics.

Note:  This review was based on the original edition.  An updated and expanded edition is now available.

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