Framing the Dialogue

Fox Bites Man

There is an old Jamaican proverb,

“no call alligator long mouth before you pass him by”

Essentially you should wait until you are a safe distance away before you call out a dangerous animal.  Three months ago I wrote Fox Hunt after George Soros funded Media Matters announced that they were going after Fox News.  Perhaps George Soros believed that his David would heroically slay the Fox News Goliath.  This Goliath has been fighting back and most recently has begun actively questioning why Media Matters still enjoys non-profit status when they are blatantly participating in political activities.  We know that only the NAACP is allowed to participate in political activities and still maintain their non-profit status.  The Politico reported that,

“In the past 10 days, Fox has run more than 30 segments calling for the nonprofit group to be stripped of its tax-exempt status. Its Fox Nation website has even provided a link to pre-completed complaint forms against Media Matters to send to the Internal Revenue Service.” 

Media Matters’ strategy may have been bolstered by the liberal media’s ability to cower RINOs like most of the recent Republican leadership.  Unfortunately Fox News is a battle-hardened foe who is fighting back.  Also being the most successful cable news network who are rapidly gaining on even the dinosaur network news outlets gives them sway, a voice, and most importantly money.  Oh and they have some great voices to sound the alarm about Media Matters like Glenn Beck, Bill O’Reilly, and Charles Krauthammer who noted,

“Media Matters is not a media investigative organization.  It’s a war on Fox. And you’re allowed to do that in a democracy. You can be as nasty as you want. The only thing is, don’t ask for a government subsidy.”

I do like the way Mr. Krauthammer used the term “subsidy” as it is a popular term used by Obama-ites as they attack energy companies, the private jet industry and others about standard IRS tax depreciation allowances.  Calling them subsidies is disingenuous when these deductions are more or less standard for a business’ capital investments.  It is hilarious to watch Fox push back against Media Matters and bring their actions to light.  They were more effective in the shadows where their type of “journalism” is better suited.

Go Fox!

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