Framing the Dialogue

Fortunate Son

fortunate sonI guess that when I picked up Fortunate Son on the bargain book rack I half expected a novel by Jeffrey Archer as the title seemed like one that he would choose.  Author Walter Mosley had a different journey for me and what a journey.

“When she saw the teenage girl stand near him, she knew.  It was time for him to lose his lover, Ahn thought, and so the stars conspired to kill her.”

The novel is about two “brothers,” one white and the other black who are related only in the sense of their upbringing.  One is considered the fortunate one as things seem to go his way and the other has had bad “luck” follow him throughout life.  The story follows their lives as they start out being raised together.  This book could be considered a tragedy in many ways and you’ll have to read to the very last page to find out.

I really enjoyed this novel by Mr. Mosley and highly recommend it for your future reading book shelf.

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