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Forgetting Nostradamus

I grew up in a one-income family.  My Father never turned down overtime when it was offered.  As part of his union package, he was paid a premium hourly wage.  If you fast-forward thirty years, my brother also had a job where he was paid premium wages for overtime.  The only real difference was that my brother calculated the point in which the higher wages and additional hours would push him into a higher tax bracket.

After so many hours, workers at his plant would refuse to work any more hours.  They would not work for diminishing returns.  Many have made considerations like this over the years, but there seems to rise in this behavior.  Michelle Malkin’s recent article; “Spreading the outrage around” identified the phenomenon coined “Going Galt” by Dr. Helen Smith. 

“Going Galt” refers to John Galt, the main character of Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand.  If you have not read it yet, what are you waiting for?  The world of Atlas Shrugged is one where there is excessive government, excessive taxation, excessive regulation, and, a public entitled to handouts.  Is any of this sounding familiar?

Galt convinces industrialists to withhold their services from society, hence the “Going Galt” moniker.  Many industrialists and companies, however, go along with the government programs.  These companies are ones that cannot survive without the government.  Does that sound like GM, Chrysler, AIG, etc?

Many have been amazed by the “predictions” of Nostradamus, but many of his predictions have to be interpreted.  Ayn Rand nailed what is happening to our society a half a century before it happened.   Her vision does not have to be interpreted, just read the book and then read your newspapers. 

We are being bombarded with slogans that should scare 90% of Americans; “Spreading the Wealth,” “To each according to his needs and from each according to his ability,” or simply “We all need to feel a little pain.”

There is also Senator Patrick Leahy’s “Truth Commission” seeking vengeance on a former administration.  Add in the misnamed “Employee Free Choice Act” that actually can eliminate a secret ballot for workplaces considering accepting union representation.  Even some prominent democrats are against this, although none that currently hold office.  That’s kind of funny, actually it is sad to be proposing legislation that will eliminate the secret ballot.

Hopefully we will not descend into depths described in Atlas Shrugged.  I do wonder where the capitalists are hiding.  The real ones, not the ones begging for money in Washington.  Obama supporter, Warren Buffet came close the past few days calling for elected officials to stop earmarks, letting banks fail, and suggesting that Obama not try to cram all of his pet projects through during tough economic times.  You can watch one of his interviews here.

Buffet also suggested that we follow Obama’s lead.  So much for leadership from the richest guy in the world.

Forget about Nostradamus.  Read Atlas Shrugged and get involved before we Go Gault.

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