Framing the Dialogue

Fool: A Novel

“Pocket is my name, by the way. Given to me by the abbess who found me on the nunnery doorstep when I was a tiny babe. True, I am not a large fellow. Some might even say I am diminutive, but I am quick as a cat and nature has compensated me with other gifts. But wicked?”

In this novel by Christopher Moore, we meet Pocket, a fool in King Lear’s court.  While he does entertain, his protection afforded by the king allows him to point out flaws of some of the warts of the folks surrounding the king.  He makes many enemies of most and they would love to hand, burn, or just plain drop off the top of the castle.  This fool is no fool and pulls levers and pulleys in the court, though not always turning out as he plans.

I started reading this book and after a few pages, I didn’t think that I would like it.  Persistence paid off and I found it very enjoyable.  This is rather sexually explicit so it’s not for kids or those who are sensitive to this activity.

“I will never understand women. The laundress, it would seem, dressed in a manner that accentuated, indeed, celebrated her bosoms—a tightly cinched waist pushing bits up until they bloomed out of a swooping neckline—yet a chap notices and the lady takes offense.”

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