Framing the Dialogue

Fly By Wire

Fly By Wire refers to the ability to operate something remotely or via pre-programed commands.

When a new cargo jet crashes in France, the NTSB is invited to be part of the investigation.  Jammer Davis is a retired fighter pilot who wants to more or less settle down to raise his teenage daughter.  Things are hectic for a single father of a teenager.  Things get much worse as he is tasked to participate in the investigation and has to go to France.  Jammer is forced to juggle an unusual investigation and the demands of his daughter and figuring out his “partner” investigator.

““Hell, Jammer. A new airplane type, just certified. Dealing with all the different countries and agencies that’ll be involved. This one’s gonna be a bitch. It might even be out of your league.” Davis put his hands on his hips. A challenge. That was good. Flattery wouldn’t have done it. Intimidation? Not a chance. But Jammer Davis never turned down a challenge. A good commander like Green always knew which buttons to push.”

There is more, obviously, going on here than a crash investigation.  The suspense builds to an exciting climax as the world’s future is in the balance.  Really!

I enjoyed the novel and it was an interesting perspective and new methods available for terrorists to use.  Remember that the good guys have to be right 100% of the time while the bad guys just have to be successful once.

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