Framing the Dialogue


One thing that you can be sure of with author Christopher Moore…it’s bizarre.  He has one wild imagination.  Unlike Mr. Gump’s box of chocolates, you always know that you’ll get a wildly creative story from Moore.

In Fluke, biologists are studying whales in Hawaii.  Some of them are studying the “songs” of whales, trying to figure out why they sing.  This is a fairly close-knit community with some competition, but they generally play nice.  When one group has a series of unfortunate events, the story gets a little crazy.  All that I can say is prep yourself for ladies who talk to whales, Amelia Earhart, Rastafarian, Jonah, and the U.S. Navy.  Read for yourself to see how this is strung together.

“Sometime in the last week a tiny voice in his head had started asking, Could this get any weirder? In two minutes he’d gone from anxiety to embarrassment to anxiety to relief to gratitude to scoping chicks with his exwife. Oh, yes, little voice, it can always get weirder.”

This is not my favorite of Moore’s novels, though entertaining!  His novels always give me a nice break from disaster novels or crime novels that seem to attract my attention.

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