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Flow – Go With It Lame Stream Media

It started as a relatively modest groundswell as average citizen awoke to the path politicians were forcing us down.  The groundswell was followed by a trickle as more folks got engaged and even the main stream media started to actually report rather than cheer on the Obama White House.

The groundswell and trickle has lead to a flow!

The first example is the Daily Show’s Jon Stewart.  Jon is a liberal stalwart who generally leans severely left while occasionally getting it “right.”  While the rest of the lame stream media ignored the Climategate scandal, Stewart made this broadcast.  This must have been a shock to Stewarts audience.  Ordinarily I would embed the video here, but it is no longer available on YouTube.  This link will take you to the clip. 

The second example involves conservative actor Jon Voight’s daughter.  Mr. Voight has been an outspoken critic of Washington and its liberal policies, but most in the arts are either firmly liberal or too scared to “out” themselves as conservative.  The folks at I Hate The Media ran a story about Anjelina Jolie’s views about the entitlement mentality of President Barack Obama.  While Jolie was not quoted, a source described her as,

“into education and rehabilitation and thinks Obama is all about welfare and handouts. She thinks Obama is really a socialist in disguise…Angie isn’t Republican, but she thinks Obama is all smoke and mirrors.”

Me too.  I would characterize him as smoking and teleprompters.

The third example is the following video from The Onion.  This video is really well done.

The next example floored me when I first read the article.  Not only does the Associated Press criticize Obama, but the story was carried on the Olberman Network’s (MSNBC) website.  This was big.

The Democrat party and particularly their leader, President Obama, took three hits with Republican governorship losses in Virginia which was not a total surprise, but to lose highly liberal New Jersey was huge.  The bad news got even worse as Scott Brown overcame a three to one advantage (Democrat to Republican registration) in Massachusetts to take the Senate seat held by Ted Kennedy for decades.  This may actually be more than a flow.

These surprising losses by the Democrats seemed to cause a number of Democrat lawmakers “pretiring” (AKA quitting before they lose to “spend more time with family”).  It is amazing how many suddenly decide that they needed to be with their family or in the case of VP Biden’s son, who wanted to pursue an important case.

And finally this headline from the Politico

Poll: Fox most trusted name in news

In my mind, we are not nearly where we need to be as far as an engaged and angry populace.  I am not espousing anger into violence, but anger into action.

We surround them!

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