Framing the Dialogue

Flipping the Switch

John G. Miller’s sequel to help guide us in accepting or actually grasping the concept of personal responsibility offers “five keys to success at work and in life” as a way to “unleash the power of personal accountability using the QBQ!” 

In Flipping the Switch Miller again effectively reinforces his points with personal stories.  These anecdotes trigger memories of situations where I have had similar experiences.  Miller’s five keys to success or “fundamental concepts or values that guide our behavior;”

  • Learning – we should all continue to pursue life-long learning as books like this help accomplish
  • Ownership – using “I” more. 
  • Creativity – I liked a turn of a phrase that he used instead of the trite “thinking outside the box” he used “succeeding inside the box” 
  • Service – How many time have we been tempted to say “that’s not my job”
  • Trust – In my life this is one of my most valued gifts to give someone else

Flipping the Switch is a short book to read and I read it while in a car dealership waiting room.  The book was not terribly short, but my wait was long and I used the time to continue learning.  Fortunately we have many of these types of books to help us reinforce our positive traits, modify our negative habits and recognize the difference.

In case you were wondering, the “damage” to my wallet for the long wait was nearly $900.oo – most of that in the form of four new tires.

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