Framing the Dialogue


“Troy knew that this was the moment most people would begin to scream and flail, their fight and flight reflexes tripping all over one another. He remained motionless. Analyzing. He had learned at a very young age the wisdom of lying low and keeping quiet. In orphanages things had usually worked out better that way. In the army they still did.”

Imagine waking up in the trunk of a car and you’re all wet.  As you wiggle around you realize that there is someone in there with you.  Oh and you have no memory of how you got there…or even who you are.  In Flash by Tim Tigner we meet Troy and Emmy, both are covered in blood, neither know how they got that way, and neither know who they are.  Strangers facing are very frightening scenario together whether they like it or not.  An interesting thriller as they race to avoid getting caught, figure out how they got this way, who did this to them and most of all who is trying to kill them.

“Now that Captain Honey has seen us, our only chance of living out the rest of our natural lives beyond bars is to figure out what really happened. We’ve got to solve this before they catch us.” She nodded and finally spoke.  “I know.” “It will likely take us weeks, maybe months.” “I understand.” “From this moment forth, we’ve always got to be thinking in terms of countermeasures: escape, evade, and confuse. We make one mistake, and it’s life without parole.” “For chrissake, I’m with the program. That should already be obvious.  Now hit it.”

This was a very good thriller.  Perhaps more to come from these two “operatives.”

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