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Fish Sticks

This is the fourth of the “Fish” books that I have read although it is the third in their series.  As the name implies, this volume is about maintaining the momentum of implementing Fish.  As usual author Stephen Lundin provides his teaching through the use of a story and includes a bit of his personal life that add a surprising epilogue.

“When the balloons have deflated, the contests have ended, the training is complete, and the natural human tendency to look for the next new thing has started to exert itself, that is when the inevitable gravity pull of old ways sets in.  When you are part of such an effort it feels like someone just took her foot off of the accelerator.”

Fish! Sticks provides some tools to keep your feet on the accelerator.  I have been a part of many reorganizations and they generally come from the top and really do not engage the rest of the organization in either planning or implementation.  That is why I like Fish…everybody is involved and has a stake and consequently commitment.

“Many people talk about the importance of commitment, but commitment remains an abstraction until we take action.”

I hope to someday use the tools in the Fish books to create my own Pike’s Fish Market.  Of the four books, I am holding onto the original fish book and this one.  Fish Tales and Fish For Life were good, but not keepers.

Visit their website for more information and tools.

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