Framing the Dialogue

Finish It – Volume 1

This series is a variation of the game you play with your fortune cookie by adding the phrase “in bed” after your fortune.  In this case the headline will be displayed followed by the phrase that should follow.  I hope that you enjoy.

Ahmadinejad says Iran may end enrichment…

It’s just cheaper to buy it from Russia

Texas ed board adopts resolution limiting Islam…

Council on American Islamic Relations (“CAIR”) promises to sue and that heads will roll

Feds join fraud case targeted at Mayo

Miracle Whip could not be reached for comment

Some executions held up by shortage of drug…

Lead, bullrope, and electricity are still available

Barack Obama promises you can keep your health insurance

At least until we put your insurance company out of business and you have to take Obaminsurance.

Suspect Denies Owning Cocaine In His Butt

Representative Barney Frank could not be reached for comment.

White House chief of staff: Emanuel out, Rouse in

 Sorry we meant “Ruse.”

White House: Stimulus law working as promised

and the recession is over and unemployment won’t go above eight percent and this is the first time this has ever happened and you can keep your health care and no one in the middle class will see their taxes increase and I’ll post bill for at least five days before they are voted on…

 Supplies of gas up, so prices go down

but that would mean Reagan and free market supporters are right.  We’d better hide this story before the people find out.

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