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Fatal Goof

oopsI may have to add this headline caption to my list of things to avoid.  I have goofed a lot in my years and obviously they have never reached the fatal stage.  This, however, is not a sad headline as you might first think.

This Fatal Goof was  “An instructor teaching his terror recruits how to make car bombs accidentally set off explosives in his demonstration on Monday, killing 21 of them in a huge blast.”  The good news for the Iraqi Sunni “insurgents” (the Associated Press still cannot call them terrorists) is that the bombs are quite effective…the bad news is that the bomb was quite effective though a bit early on the trigger.  The further bad news for the terrorists (see AP that’s not hard to say) is that the blast showed the military the location of their once-secret training camp just north of Bagdad.

Maybe I shouldn’t be too cavalier about someone’s death, but these folks were in training to murder others…probably innocent people along with a few of the white devils.  Or maybe just folks who do not share their religious beliefs.  Perhaps the vile terrorists should look at this from a positive light as the instructor was, obviously, not very good…hell he blew himself and 20 others to smithereens.  As far as the recruits go the terrorists never seem to have any trouble finding replacements.

The AP did not say whether the death of these murders-to-be would be considered martyrdom and whether each would receive their 72 virgins.

You may read the whole story at this link.

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  1. Kevin Holesh says:

    Some might say his demonstration was da bomb.

    “Now come in close, fellow suicide bombers. I’m only going to show you this once…”

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