Framing the Dialogue

Fashionably Dead

Vampires are undead.  Vampires are hot. Vampires adore sex.  Vampires can tolerate daylight.  Vampires love sex.  Vampires have emotions.  Vampires, vampires, vampires.  Oh and there are angels, demons, and all sorts of mythical creatures.

“I guess I had always imagined Vampyres to be bloodsucking killers. It turns out we’re only bloodsuckers. The killing is optional. So naturally I still hadn’t fed from a mortal yet. I’d been feeding from Pam, but that was going to change. Too much Angel blood was going to make me a Super Vamp, and according to Pam, that was fucked up.”

If you like explicit sex, swearing and overt sex, this book is for you.  I’m not a prude (every prude probably says this), but I almost stopped reading this novel several times as the “plot” seemed only about sex, will I have sex, and how sexy male vampires can be.  I did survive and there sort of was a plot, though I note that there are many more in the series, though not for me.


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