Framing the Dialogue

Falling Stars

When your protagonist is called Ivan the Ghost and no one ever has seen him let alone beat him, you might be in trouble.  Kyle Achilles has come closer than anybody to catching this elusive villain, but how can he get three steps ahead of a man that is already three steps ahead.  Partnering with a relative rookie operative, Achilles must stretch his resources to stop the murderous rampage that was unleashed on the United States, oh and he has to keep from being killed himself by either “friend” or foe.

“Achilles had left the CIA specifically because of Wiley Rider. The Director had levered his way into the corner office at Langley by blackmailing key members of congress. He had used Ivan the Ghost to do that dirty work, and then attempted to cover his tracks by sending Achilles to kill Ivan. Achilles eventually figured out what Rider was up to—but couldn’t prove it. So when Ivan escaped, Achilles chose to resign rather than sell out and spend his career serving a dishonorable man.”

As with most ghosts, they are hard to see.  Achilles’ ghost is hard to see, yet has a devious invention to terrorize a nation.  He’s not in the business of terror, however, he uses it to enrich himself and when you are a genius and diabolical, that can be worth billions.

I’ve enjoyed the Kyle Achilles series.  They do not lack for action and generally have some cutting edge technology as part of the storyline.  I wouldn’t call this one futuristic as I don’t think we are that far from seeing this technology become more weaponized.

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