Framing the Dialogue

Fair Trial?

zimmerman1I find it interesting how racists already know the guilt George Zimmerman.  Racists like Jamie Fox who wore a Travon Martin shirt in public as if to say Zimmerman is guilty.  How do these folks know that Zimmerman isn’t telling the truth or that the truth lies somewhere between what they think and what Zimmerman says.  To my knowledge our systems still is innocent until proven guilty.  I would venture that not many people know all of the facts of the case and certainly not celebrities who just like to try to show their cred by acting hip and edgy.

zimmerman2If George Zimmerman is found not guilty I hope that his lawyers are saving all of the headlines and news casts that still show the picture of an angelic Martin like on the left from Friday’s (June 21, 2013) Yahoo.  You know last Friday when jury selection was on-going for the trial.  These clips should make for a nice slander lawsuit.  If found guilty they could be used to show that he did not get a fair trial due to the media bias.

Perhaps the folks at Yahoo should have used this layout instead.  It may be a more up to date representation of the two when Zimmerman shot and killed Martin.  There is no doubt that Zimmerman killed Martin.  It is the events that led to the shooting that will decide the fate of Mr. Zimmerman.  I only hope that the trial is fair and that the race baiters can keep themselves at bay.

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