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Exceptionalism Union Style

obama exceptionalismThis was from PoliPundit on Obama and American Exceptionalism;

Obama, when he’s not campaigning for re-election:

“I believe in American exceptionalism, just as I suspect that the Brits believe in British exceptionalism, and the Greeks believe in Greek exceptionalism.”

Obama, when he’s campaigning for re-election:

obamaexceptional“It’s worth noting that I first arrived on the national stage with a speech at the Democratic convention that was entirely about American exceptionalism and that my entire career has been a testimony to American exceptionalism.”

To which James Taranto responds:

It’s not exactly that this is false; there are ways in which Obama’s career reflects American exceptionalism. Perhaps one could even argue that his tendency toward self-aggrandizement reflects an extreme form of American individualism.

But really, doesn’t he have an aide who can tell him that the symbol of America is not the bald ego?

I seem to remember when America lead the way…In every way.  This article about Ford must have Henry proud of the innovation and sad that it cannot be done in the United States.

The auto plant Ford wants to put in Detroit, but the UAW won’t let them.

These few excerpts should be enough to let you know how far we’ve declined. This is not Obama’s fault, but he is also a result of our decline.  He is, however, the President of the United States and he should be battling to get this type of innovation here. A wealthy and prosperous country can better afford the kinds of social and welfare programs he craves.  I’d prefer this to the  “We don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings by being and feeling exceptional reasoning”…though I know that we still are exceptional and we should be proud of it!

unions“This state-of-the-art manufacturing complex in the northeastern Brazilian state of Bahia is not only the centerpiece of Ford’s Brazilian turnaround plan, it is also one of the most advanced automobile plants in the world. It is more automated than many of Ford’s U.S. factories, and leaner and more flexible than any other Ford facility. It can produce five different vehicle platforms at the same time and on the same line.”

“Ford sources said it is the sort of plant the company wants in the United States, were it not for the United Auto Workers, which has historically opposed such extensive supplier integration on the factory floor.”

“Many automakers use South America to try out new manufacturing ideas. Volkswagen AG has suppliers in some of its factories, and General Motors Corp. has a supplier park surrounding its plant in Gravataí, Brazil. But analysts say no automaker has gone as far as Ford.  “South America is kind of the global sandbox for a lot of automakers to try out new methods,” said Michael Robinet, vice president of global vehicle forecasts for CSM Worldwide. “Ford was able to think out of the box, and it’s paying off for them.”

It is an embarrassment that a U.S. automaker has to leave the country to automate and improve.

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