Framing the Dialogue

Enemy of the State

Author Kyle Mills has done more than an admirable job taking over the Mitch Rapp series after the unfortunate early death of one of my favorite authors, Vince Flynn.  I do think that the character of Mitch Rapp has changed slightly, but that is not a negative thing, just a bit different.  In Enemy of the State, Rapp is asked to go beyond “black opps” and take on the enemies of the United States, some of whom have been postured as friends.  While he was untethered, he also was without the help of his usual resources.  Rapp is forced to enlist the help of some former adversaries for this, perhaps his most dangerous mission.

“The prince smiled in the darkness, remembering the video footage of the burning towers and the terrified Christians throwing themselves to their deaths.  It wasn’t those glorious images that lifted his spirits, though, it was that the American politicians had known about [their] involvement but had been too cowardly to take action.”

It’s hard for me to believe that this is the fourteenth Mitch Rapp novel.  Mr. Mills has been great living up to the standards of Vince Flynn and has written an exciting and fast-pace novel.

[A note to the publishers;  On the back cover of the hardback you had a number of review comments from publications.  One boasted, “Flynn has never been better.” and another read “Flynn is a master – maybe the master – of thrillers in which the pages seem to turn themselves.”  I agree with both sentiments.  Mr. Flynn died a few years ago after losing his fight with cancer.  This novel was not written by Mr. Flynn.]

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