Framing the Dialogue

Eight Perfect Murders

“Mostly, these days, I just like that the book is there, within easy reach. It’s been five years since she died, but I talk to her more now, in my head, than I did immediately after she died. I talked to her the night I got into bed with Agatha Christie’s The Murder of Roger Ackroyd, told her all about the list, and the visit from Agent Mulvey, and what it felt like to be reading these books again.”

When a detective shows up at Malcomb Kershaw’s bookstore he is first intrigued and then becomes somewhat guarded.  She is looking for a link to a list that he made up years ago listing eight perfect murders from literature.  She thinks there is a link to his list and to him.  As the murders keep happening, he looks like a good suspect especially when some of those killed tie back to his wife’s past.  He is drawn back to the novels on his list.

This was a pretty good thriller/murder mystery.

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