Framing the Dialogue

Ed Assner’s Hypocrisy

You gotta love a liberal who resists following the rules they decry for everybody else.  Liberal California passed a minimum wage law that requires businesses to raise the minimum wage to $10.50 starting January 1, 2017.  You may be surprised to learn that big leftist and former president of the Screen Actor’s Guild, Ed Assner (yes I know that it’s misspelled) did not support minimum wage…for theatre companies.  In fact, Mr. Assner filed a lawsuit seeking relief from the new minimum wage law for his industry.

Assner’s lawsuit argued that “that forcing small companies to pay minimum wage will put many of them out of business, thus reducing opportunities for local actors.”  How hypocritical of liberals like Assner.  His rules only should apply to businesses that doesn’t affect him or his industry.  Fortunately the case was dismissed earlier this month and now poor, starving actors will be paid the living wage of $10.50 per hour.  If Mr. Assner and other liberals are so worried about the small venues and theatre companies they should pry loose some of their millions and become a sponsor of these organizations.  He should put HIS money where his mouth is.  Better yet, he and liberals like him should be quiet and be thought a fool rather than open their mouths thus removing all doubt.

Here is a great video featuring Milton Friedman on the minimum wage:

You may notice that Mr. Friedman doesn’t propose different rules for different groups.

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