Framing the Dialogue


“Pierce had never been to Africa.  Even those friends who had gone there avoided the Luandian Delta.  It was, Bryce Martel had told him with a smile, ‘a place so paranoid that it makes Beirut look like Cincinnati.”

In Eclipse, by Richard North Patterson we meet fictional character, Bobby Okari, a peace-loving activist who wants to create a movement in his homeland for his Okari people.  His country is ravaged by a ruthless dictator and the world’s craving for oil.  It doesn’t take long for these worlds to collide.  Damon Pierce, an acquaintance of Okari is called by Okari’s wife when he is arrested and scheduled for a trail and subsequent execution.  The results of the trial seem preordained.

I couldn’t help but feel that “novel” was based on a real occurrence and the names were changed to protect something.  Many of us have heard of the atrocities that happen in some third-world countries and this book shines some light on the treatment of citizens by despots, even ones “elected” by the people.  It took me a while to get in to the story, but by the end, things were moving pretty fast.  The ending was not all unexpected, but there were a few surprises.

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