Framing the Dialogue

Eat, Pray, Die

“So when the Taste Society invited me to apply for a classified position that paid a hundred grand a year from the day of the first assignment, it seemed like a no-brainer. Of course, at the time, I didn’t know anything close to the truth about the job. Or the Taste Society. In fact, I still didn’t know much about the Taste Society.”

For Australian transplant, Isobel Avery, her flight to America to avoid some unscrupulous debt collectors…she wants to pay…she just has no money.  So when she is approached to be part of the Taste Society and, if she completes her training, she jump at the chance to make life-changing money.  I’ll let your imagination try to figure out what an employee of the Taste Society has to do.  Just know that rather than an ordinary transition into her post-training role, she becomes embroiled in a serious and life-threatening race against time to save one of her own.

This novel by Chelsea Field is in the vein of the cozy mysteries and as with many of them, quite enjoyable.

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