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Dumb or Liar?

dumb or liarSo for all of you libretards out there you have to now decide whether the elected president is just dumb or a liar.  There is no middle ground.  There is no “I found out when I read the newspapers like everybody else.”  The nation has been barraged with PR spin about how bright Mr. Obama is, how this job just doesn’t challenge him enough and he may actually be disengaged because he is bored.  You can no longer have it both ways.  McClatchy Newspapers has just called him out for; a) a being dumb by making a dumb statement, or b) an outright liar in his lying statement during his State Of The Union Speech (SOTU) on Tuesday and subsequently repeated over the next few days;

“At a time when women make up about half of the workforce but still make 77 cents for every dollar a man earns, we’ve got to finish the job and give women the tools they need to fight for equal pay…workplace policies that belong in a ‘Mad Men’ episode.” 

This is where McClatchy is veering very close to having their press credentials pulled, not be invited to briefings (a-la Fox News), being monitored by the NSA, and getting a visit from their unfriendly IRS agents;

“But a McClatchy review of White House salaries shows that when the same calculations that produced the 77-cent figure are applied to the White House, the average female pay at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. is less than the average male pay. When counted the same way that produced the 77-cent figure, the analysis found, women at the White House make 91 cents for every dollar that men make. ” [emphasis added]

I am just kidding about the NSA as they are already gathering information on all of us.

The White House shot back…

the White House said that it should be measured by how it pays men and women in the same jobs, but not the kind of broad brush that compares overall male and female pay.” [emphasis added]

Soooo what the White House said was that when comparing male and female salaries IN THE WHITE HOUSE you have to look at folks in “the same jobs” and NOT “overall male and female pay.”  We could all agree that that would be the correct way to compare male and female pay.  I feel better that we can all agree on that.

So why is POTUS (AKA Obama) using the “broad brush” when his own staff says this is wrong?  Is he dumb or a liar?  Maybe folks want to give him some slack, I’m not one of these idiots, to excuse his “slip” in the SOTU, but he repeated the ______ (choose “lie” or “stupid statement”) over then next few days.  You would expect that even in the pony express days of communication that the message would get corrected by now.  So is he a liar or stupid?  I don’t think he is stupid.  I think that most of the public is stupid or at best dangerously disengaged…probably watching Mad Men.

I fear that this lame-duck administration no longer cares about following the Constitution and seeing the end coming they are Breaking Bad.  See even a silly blogger can use hip cable television references.  In the spirit of full disclosure I have never watched an episode of Breaking Bad though I have heard great things about it and wished that I had.  I will not go back and watch all of the episodes.

So the article further noted that;

“The 77-cent figure — which Obama used on the campaign trail in 2012 — stems from a 2011 report by the Census Bureau that found that in 2010, females overall made 77 percent of what males made. That means all workers regardless of which jobs they hold — not one worker in one particular job compared with another worker in the same job.”

I don’t understand this at all!  He used the same erroneous statistic in the 2012 election cycle.  By my math that was two years ago.  He didn’t get the memo about that “it should be measured by how it pays men and women in the same jobs, but not the kind of broad brush that compares overall male and female pay.” [emphasis added]  His staff should be fired for not telling him that he keeps using UNFAIR and MISLEADING statistics when he speechifies the American public.  YOU WOULD THINK HE’D KNOW BY NOW LIKE THE REST OF US SINCE THIS HAS BEEN IN THE PAPERS!

So you now have to decide…Is he dumb or a liar?



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