Framing the Dialogue

Driving Heat

driving heatWhen a case hits close to home Nikki Heat struggles to solve the crime, ones she loves and maybe even herself.

“Two blocks into her drive east from the NYPL, Heat conspicuously had to tell herself to breathe.  The fifteen-minute trip to the river seemed otherworldly, a soundless voyage to the very gates of Hell, insulated from all outside stimulus.  Heat drove with her damp palms on the wheel; her lungs felt seared, and it seemed that because of some untimely breakdown of her cerebral cortex, evolved messages of reason and judgment were being skip-wired, while her amygdala up high-velocity jolts of primal darkness under the banner of ‘Coming Attractions’ – random clips from a jumpy mental snuff film that filled her with fear and hopelessness.”

In Driving Heat the 2oth Precinct must get used to yet another new captain.  Even the tried-and-true team Roach feel the friction in their partnership.  Author Richard Castle provides his usual pallet of suspects, intrigue and misdirection as you try to solve the case along with the rest of the crew.

The novel has the usual character interplay that I’ve come to know and love from both the television series and the book series.  While there are parallels, the books are more violent and more hot between Heat and Rook.  As I have come to expect, this story did not disappoint.

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