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Drip Drip Drip…All This Leaking

It pains me to quote Chris “Ralph Wiggins” Matthews for my title, but like a broken clock even Matthews gets it right once in a while.   There is much being made of the recent book by a former Navy SEAL, No Easy Day, and the alleged secrets that he disclosed.  Defense Secretary Leon Panetta was interviewed and called for punishment;

“I think we have to take steps to make clear to him and to the American people that we’re not going to accept this kind of behavior…then everybody else who pledges to ensure that that doesn’t happen is gonna get the long signal, that somehow they can do it without any penalty to be paid…I think when someone who signs an obligation that he will not reveal the secrets of this kind of operation, and then does that and doesn’t abide by the rules, it does indeed jeopardize operations and the lives of others that are involved in those operations…are currently reviewing that book to determine exactly, you know, what is classified and what isn’t, and where those lines are.”

 The interviewer, Nora O’Donnell, played her role perfectly as a concerned media Obama acolyte and asked no questions about the original leak by the White House who identified SEAL Team 6 as the group who carried out the operation; you know risked their lives.  No disrespect for Sec. Panetta, but (remember everything before “but” is “bull”) he should be as adamant about punishing the original leaker of the operation, its details and the military men who carried out the action.  While he is at it he should investigate the White House leaks about STUXNET virus and other top secret operations.  It shouldn’t be too hard as there are very few folks who know this stuff and most of them work at the White House.

I agree with Panetta that if operational secrets were disclosed the perpetrators should be prosecuted.  That goes for a former Navy SEAL, the President, and his staff!  I suspect that only the book’s author will experience the long arm of the lawless…Eric Holder.

The following video is from an organization comprised of former Special Operations members and members of the intelligence community.  It is worth the time to view the entire video.  To quote some SpecOps guys…”we do it, we don’t talk about it.”

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