Framing the Dialogue


downfall In the third in the Sam Capra series, Downfall, Capra is drawn into a fight that he does not want when there is trouble at one of his bars.  A woman seems to be in trouble and he steps in only to be confronted by thugs.  As he tries to find out about the mysterious woman and her assailants he comes to the attention of a very dangerous man and his minions.  His attempts to wriggle free from this man who seems like the devil not only threaten his association with Mila and the Round Table, but his own family.

Downfall was not my favorite of the Sam Capra series, but it was still a very entertaining novel.  The story was still fast-moving and thrilling.  Author Jeff Abbott has a good formula and has been developing Capra and his supporting cast and has not relied on a stale formula.  I look forward to the next book which is sitting on my shelf.

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