Framing the Dialogue

Double Fudge Brownie Murder

double fudge brownieHannah Swensen and company are back in the Double Fudge Brownie Murder and…surprise surprise…there is another murder to solve and in this one Hannah almost witnesses the murder. She and her friends and family try to solve the crime as they explore numerous new recipes for treats. By way of full disclosure I tried the “burger dog” recipe from the book. They were hard to seal (stuffed burger) and the taste was just okay…not a keeper in my Paprika iPhone app.

The murder storyline is typical for the Swensen books where they all get together to seek out the culprit. There is the continuing storyline with the marriage of Delores and Doc. Moishe is discovered to have a hidden talent. And for those of you who follow the series there is some movement on the Hannah-Norman-Mike love triangle. I should just tell you how it plays out as the tried and true followers have already read the book and the rest of you probably don’t care. It all comes to a head when all of her suitors ask for her hand in marriage on the same day. A decision must be made.

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