Framing the Dialogue

Don’t Stop Me Now

In Don’t Stop Me Now  we meet an almost thirty year-old Poppy Bloom as she finishes up her PhD.  She has done well; she has done really, really well and she cannot help but bask in her dream to walk straight into a job at her university. Unfortunately for Dr. Poppy things didn’t work out as she envisioned.

“What is going on? Not even a week ago, I was planning to spend the rest of my professional life less than five metres from Dr Burley’s desk. I thought we were partners, a team; I thought we were friends. Sure, I know we were officially student and tutor, but surely, after more than ten years working closely with someone…”

This humorous novel by Colleen Coleman takes on a ride with Poppy as she wends her way through a world where her academic achievements provide her little benefit as she tries to dig out of a devastating circumstance.

I really enjoyed this novel. It is one of the few in this genre that made me want to stay up late to finish it.  That’s not a knock on this type of novel, but they don’t tend to keep me on the edge of my seat, but rather comfortable in my bed.  This book did both.

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