Framing the Dialogue

Disorganized Crime

“Are you saying …” My brain crunched the numbers while I blinked stupidly. “… mobsters took my father?”  Portland did weird better than anyone, except maybe New York, but we didn’t do organized crime of the Italian-American variety. That I knew of.

Disorganized Crime is the first in the “Kat Makris Greek Mafia Novels” and where Kat discovers that there is a link between the Mafia, Greek version, and her family.  As he hadn’t known much about her father’s family she is in for quite a whirlwind when her dad disappears.  A visit from “family members” starts her on a wild ride into her past.

“Dad’s parents were a mystery. Not just any mystery—they were a mystery stashed in a safe, buried pirate-style on some remote island. And there was no handy map with an X on it that I could ever find. I’d looked. Half my childhood I spent looking for clues about Dad’s past. Turned out all I needed to do was wait for him to disappear.”

I enjoyed this novel by Alex E. King as it deals with a potentially heavy subject (organized crime) in a more humorous way.  If you’re looking for The Godfather, this is not your book.  If you want light-hearted entertainment…BOOM!

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