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Dirty Job

Jay CarneyI worry sometimes that perhaps it’s me. Things that seem so clear to me are often obfuscated by those on the left as they make their arguments. Think of Obama’s chief propagandist, Jay Carney, and the stuff (I really mean another word, four letters, rhymes with spit) he has to spew in defense of Obama policies. It really is a dirty job.

Carney for the most part of his tenure in the White House has had a pretty easy time of it with the Obama-fawning media. The buy his bull, but the media haze may be lifting just a bit. I am not convinced that it will last as the media certainly won’t want conservatives to win anything, but it is interesting that Carney is getting peppered more frequently from lame stream media correspondents. Even more interesting is that they don’t always buy his spin and actually ask tough follow-up questions. He seems momentarily flustered before lapsing back into his talking points.

As an aside…I’d like to ban the gesture where the speaker makes a fist with the thumb slightly protruding and pushes it back and forth while making a point. Absent a total ban we should just accept that when a politician or propagandist like Carney does this they are lying. At some point this must have polled well as a use of a hand, but it is now trite.

So back to Carney’s dirty job. Consider the latest position that he has to defend and this is one even his Democrat allies in Congress are having a hard time with;

  • Obama uses drones to kill “enemy combatants” with drone strikes.
  • Obama’s killing doesn’t allow capture of the “enemy combatants” so any information that they have is lost along with any citizens standing nearby – even hundreds of children sometimes called collateral damage.
  • Obama is against “enhanced interrogation” even though it allowed him to dance on Osama’s grave throughout the 2012 campaign. You can kill the terrorist…sorry “enemy combatant,” but if you happen to capture him you cannot play loud music, make him cold, nor dribble water on his face.
  • drone strikes2Obama stands of the graves of the Newtown children calling for tough gun control…even having a few children there as he signed an executive order while he has killed far more with his drone strikes, even though he supports abortion which kills millions of unborn each year, even though he ignores all other types of violence.
  • Why just “gun violence” and not ALL violence?
  • Obama insists that al Quaida is essentially dead with Osama gone yet the attack on our Libyan consulate in Benghazi was clearly the work of al Quaida and the folks who attacked the refinery in Algeria were also al Quaida (reportedly even some of the Benghazi terrorists participated), and the French, the French of all nations, are fighting al Quaida in Mali. It really doesn’t sound like al Quaida is dead.
  • Obama calls for gun control after his ATF and Department of Justice facilitated the sale and transport of weapons into Mexico without knowledge of the Mexican government leading to the deaths of hundreds of civilians in that country and at least one border patrol agent. This may be a bad example as the media hasn’t really picked up on this one.
  • The Obama-promised “transparent” government turns out to be the least transparent of all of the past few administrations.
  • Carney has to repeatedly defend Obamacare as more and more evidence is that it will cost a Jillion times more than claimed, will result in fewer insurance choices, will insure fewer than claimed, and probably will stifle innovation and finding new cures. If you want proof just look north to Canada and across the pond to Great Britain.
  • Carney constantly blames Republicans while the Democrats control the White House and the Senate. It would seem that Obama and Harry Reid could move things and put the House of Representatives on the hot seat. Of course if you propose something you cannot just oppose what the other side is doing. It is much harder that way and probably why they have not passed a budget since he’s been in office. Some might call doing their job as governing, but campaigning is more fun and obviously more effective.

Even though seldom asked, Carney must worry that some upstart reporter might just bring up some of Obama’s positions as a candidate/senator versus his actions as the President. I can dream.

The jury is still out on whether Jay Carney is a true believer, a propagandist, or a simple minion. I believe that he just may be all three.

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