Framing the Dialogue

Department of Innovation

Try to imagine a dozen Obama-acolytes sitting around a table for hours discussing the new agency, The Department of Innovation.  It’s now been three long weeks that they have been toiling away when one jumps up and exclaims, “I’ve got it!”  He rushes to the smart board and hurriedly scribbles his idea for the others to see.  They are paying close attention to the Harvard law graduate as his vision starts to take shape.  As he steps back all eyes are looking at his vision.  A Phd in economics from Yale pipes up and suggests that some stars be used somewhere that would make it look patriotic to fly-over country.  A woman with a doctorate in gender studies from Princeton suggests yellow might be a powerful color to add.  After a few back and forths they are quite pleased with themselves and hand the product over for final editing.  There were no jobs created.  They spent thousands of dollars.  The only innovation was the logo…

I added the arrows to show the path to seizure

Of course the scenario that I laid out was a work of fiction.  I have no way of knowing what went on behind the scenes to create the logo for our new Department of Innovation.  I have no doubt that it cost many many thousands of dollars to create and took bloggers minutes to scoff at since the gears in their logo could never work.  Please tell me how so many Obama-acolytes described as the “best and brightest” missed the fact that their fancy logo would cause the gears to seize.  Could it be because they are all about form rather than substance?  Could it be because they have never done anything outside of academia?  Could it be that they live in the theoretical world and their experiences have not exposed them to reality?

Michele Malkin heralded the poor design in her blog and one of her commentors provided the expertise lacking from the band of boobs who designed the logo,

“I’ve been a gear designer for over 30 years, and just want to confirm how stupid that logo is. What they are showing are what I would call cogs, poorly designed and completely non functional cogs. If you tried to actually run them together, even two of them it would simply make a terrible clunking motion not suitable for any application. So whether they lock up or simply make a jerky clunking motion, it’s the perfect emblem for the governments department of innovation. Gear design principles have been around since the ancient Greeks. Leave it to a flashy new “innovation” program to point the way forward (or is it back?)”

That’s the first time I’ve ever heard anyone say, “I’ve been a gear designer for over 30 years” and I am glad we have some normal folks out there who pick up on this stuff.  Is the crappy logo a big deal?  Certainly not, but it goes to the sloppy nature that has plagued the Obama Administration since its beginnings.  The only way to characterize their efforts is to see them as one would expect from a community organizing effort that is not used to having their output scrutinized.  The Department of Innovation hurriedly revised their logo in response to the criticism, but perhaps not enough,

“Moving just the one gear doesn’t help. No two components shaped like that would work together as the logo implies. Their logo is a mechanism which doesn’t do anything. Maybe that was intentional.”

Maybe the change is a metaphor for this administration…making a slight adjustment to make it look good on paper, not really doing anything efficiently or correctly like would be expected in the real world.

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