Framing the Dialogue

Deliver Us From Evil

deliver us“Mallory had used great care in vetting all of the people who worked here.  There were no formal recruitments, of course. One couldn’t put an advertisement in the paper seeking justice-minded vigilantes comfortable with killing folks who desperately deserved it.”

Deliver Us from Evil is author David Baldacci’s second in the “Shaw series” (I only put it in quotes as I don’t think it is a true series as it seems to have stopped after three novels).  In this story Shaw finds himself on the hunt for a really bad man which leads him to a serene little town in France and into the arms of a beautiful woman…a woman who seems intent on getting in his way and needing his protection.  This is making his task more dangerous and forcing him to take his eye off of the prize…a dangerous thing when trying to catch a very dangerous man.

The reviews for this novel were not all that great, but I enjoyed the book.  I liked the way Mr. Baldacci used the different “first person” viewpoints to give the reader insight into the characters.  It was a good book though the ending was odd.  I’ll leave it at that.

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