Framing the Dialogue

Defending The Indefensible

vote hereSo you want to register to vote in Arizona. Their state law requires that you produce documents proving that you are a United States citizen. This is pretty simple stuff though! Simple for most of us except that the Obama Administration is taking Arizona to court AGAINST this law. Yes you heard right the United States Government under Obama is fighting against requiring proof that you are a citizen before you register to vote. I know that I keep restating that, but it just doesn’t make a whole lot of sense for the Democrats/left to fight against having ONLY American citizens vote in our elections. Sorry folks, but this position is indefensible by the left;

If Arizona can add citizenship requirements, then ‘each state could impose all manner of its own supplemental requirements beyond the federal form,’ Solicitor General Donald B. Verrilli Jr. said in court papers. ‘Those requirements could encompass voluminous documentary or informational demands, and could extend to any eligibility criteria beyond citizenship, such as age, residency, mental competence, or felony history.” [emphasis added]

The Adulterated Press article linked here makes an attempt to show how few illegals actually vote, but they miss the mark. First if only one non-citizen votes that is a CRIME. Second they can only list the illegals that were discovered. How can we really expect to discover illegal voting when the Democrats don’t seem to want to find them. I would stipulate to the number of illegal votes if they were offset by taking away the votes of AP staff or MSNBC staff or CNN Staff or Hollyweird celebrity votes.

A lower court had upheld the provisions only later to be thrown out by a federal appeals court and now the decision rests with The Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS). In defending the indefensible the Obama left-winged Justice Department scrapes up many solicitous possibilities to tickle the imagination. Unfortunately for them they are just imagination as Arizona has not proposed any of the silly restrictions offered by Obama’s minions. No other state has proposed such restrictions.

“me thinks he doth protest too much.”

– – William Skakespeare – –

Arizona’s response is quite simple and easy to defend;

“Arizona officials say they should be able to pass laws to stop illegal immigrants and other noncitizens from getting on their voting rolls.”

Unfortunately SCOTUS lately is like a box of chocolates and you never know what you will have to swallow. The next thing the Obama minions will want to stop is the practice of taking dead people off of the voter registrations. After all these folks COULD be alive.

In a more serious note I do believe that it should be a crime to vote in someone’s stead when they have no mental capacity to make an informed decision. No I am not talking about the hordes of low-information voters. I have heard numerous stories from relatives who visit their loved ones only to notice the “I Voted” sticker on their PJs. As these folks, by their family’s admission, have no idea where they are they could not have participated in the vote. Some person voted for them without their knowledge as I consider awareness knowledge.

This should be a felony! Again…I believe that even one illegal vote is too many.

While I am already bitching about illegals…I really think the whole U.S. Census is bogus.  They continue to count the number of people NOT just the number of citizens.  This is not some intellectual exercise.  The number of members in the House of Representatives, electoral college, etc. is all based on these counts.  Only American citizens should be counted.

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