Framing the Dialogue

Death Ship

“Elation flooded his mind. He shivered as he went over the timing for the thousandth time. This would be a great triumph for Islam, maybe one of the greatest victories in over five hundred years. Surely, it would make the attack on the Twin Towers in New York seem like nothing.”

In Death Ship, author Joseph Badal brings together three generations Danforth’s to try to stop a very serious terrorist plot.  While this family is from the United States, the terror plot has a Mediterranean slant.  The senior Danforth is x-CIA, the son is a high ranking Special Forces, and the grandson is a teenager.  Efforts are further hampered by ambitious and corrupt politicians at the highest level of American government.  You’ll learn to hate politicians even more…not sure that’s possible.

This novel is full of action though I didn’t find edge-of-my-seat action.  I’ve always enjoyed Mr. Badal’s novels and this one did not disappoint.

“Davis smiled and said, “Your President won’t let you torture me.” He laughed heartily. “You Americans can’t even use EIM anymore. Your Senate made sure of that with its Torture Report.” Bob felt a pain in his gut. Even terrorists knew about the U.S. Senate’s report that came out in December 2014. No one in the U.S. military or the CIA would dare use Enhanced Interrogation Methods for fear of being thrown in prison. What a way to fight a war. He smiled back at Davis. “You know, you’re right. Except for one thing. I don’t give a shit what the U.S. Senate or the President thinks or does to me if I can prevent the loss of American lives. Besides, the President will never know what I do to you. You’ll talk, and then I’ll dump your body in the sea.”


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