Framing the Dialogue

Death In Little Tokyo

death in little tokyoKen Tanaka is a bit down and out, but has found a love of murder mystery weekends he discovered when he attended one on a lark.  He had just won one and it was his turn to develop a mystery for the group.  As he was planning his event he became involved in a Death in Little Tokyo.  Cute how I did that?  Written by Dale Furutani it is obviously set in Little Tokyo.  Tanaka gets involved to clear his name and becomes tied to the case and finds himself in a bit of trouble.

This is a quaint novel.  That is not an insult, but a reflection of the lightness of the writing and the story.  There is not a lot of depth and that is okay for a difference.  I have enjoyed Furutani’s other novels and enjoyed this one also.

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