Framing the Dialogue

Death Come Quickly

death quicklyIn Death Come Quickly we are treated to author Susan Wittig Albert’s twenty second novel in the China Bayles mystery series.  I am not sure that I’ve read them all, but at least most of them.

China and Ruby are thrust into a case when a crime is committed against a friend and may shed light on a very old cold case.  China Ruby as usual overstep their bounds as they investigate instead of the Pecan Springs Police Department.  China’s travels take into the world of Mexican art as she tries to find the killer.

It’s hard to write a review of a China Bayles book.  They basically follow the same theme…herbs, murder, go behind police’s back, solve the crime.  If I provide too many details I end up giving away the guts of the story.  Albert’s novels are always enjoyable, never edge-of-your-seat, but always interesting and worth reading.  This in NOT a knock on her books!  Remember that I read them.

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