Framing the Dialogue

Death At The Crossroads

death at the crossroadsI did something unusual with this book. This novel is the first in a three part series featuring ronin samurai Matsuyama Kaze.  I had inadvertently read the second book first then read the third.  Ordinarily I wouldn’t go back are then read the third.  I so enjoyed the other two books that I was compelled to buy the first one.  In Death at the Crossroads we are introduced to Kaze, a wandering ronin who is on a mission to fulfill a request from his former master’s wife.  As he wanders Japan he is thrust in the middle of a murder near what seems to be a dysfunctional town overseen by a dysfunctional lord.  As with the other books in the series Kaze uses both his wits and strength to work toward solving the mysteries.

I really find author Dale Furutani’s books to be a interesting way to spend my precious reading time.  Though violent at times the violence is modest by today’s standards and part of the story.  Kaze always tries to avoid physical conflict, but once engaged he wants to win as if his life depends on it…as his life does.

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