Framing the Dialogue

Deadly Intent

deadly intentDetective Anna Travis is trying to start a new life after her disastrous affair with DCI Langton.  She’s moved and she is starting at a new location with a new chief inspector.  Before Travis can even unpack she is thrust into a murder investigation and the pressure mounts as the victim is a former colleague.  As the bodies stack up the pressure mounts for the team to solve the murders.  Travis has to learn to work with a new team and her reputation to “go off on her own” precedes her.  Travis is focused on a mysterious drug dealer who has Deadly Intent and hasn’t been seen for decades and receives much criticism from her superiors and side-glances from the rest of the team.

The Anna Travis novels are a treat for me.  Rather than kept guessing about who is behind the crimes like most novel of this genre, author Lynda La Plante spends more time working through the clues.  We know who the killer is long before the last few pages of the book and I enjoy that time as the team puts together the clues to solve the crimes.  This is a wonderful departure for anyone who just loves to immerse themselves in the detective work.

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