Framing the Dialogue

Deadly Heat

deadly heat 1“Lately, working routine homicides had become a distraction that kept her from focusing fully on her bigger case.  Of course she couldn’t share that with anyone on her squad, but she did complain to Rook how hard it was to try to close a chapter when people kept opening others. “

I this the fifth novel in the Nikki Heat series, author Richard Castle  furiously forces Heat to juggle what seems like a “routine” homicide with her need to solve a ten year old murder of her mother.  The story takes an unreal turn and Nikki is no longer sure that she can trust anyone and time is running out before something big and dangerous happens that will be Deadly Heat.

I always struggle to give a brief synopsis of a novel.  I want to give some information about the story, but not enough to ruin part of the story.  I generally don’t even read the dust jacket of books as I feel that they reveal too much.  I think that this part is generally the meat of the review…how the book affected me.  I think that Deadly Heat was by far the best of the series.  The author kept me guessing and sometimes I arrived at a solution just before it was revealed in the book (I like that).  I would highly suggest that you read the third and fourth books before this one to get the most out of it.

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