Framing the Dialogue

Dead Head

This is the third and BEST of author Rosemary Harris’ Dirty Business Mysteries.  Dead Head features gardener ne private investigator Paula Holliday thrust on to a trail of intrigue when a friend’s secret past is revealed and Holliday is rumoured to be the source of the mystery.  With lives turned upside down and Holliday’s business prospects drying up because of the controversy she is determined to clear her and her friend’s name.  As with any good mystery, Harris kept me guessing up until the end as the riddles were finally solved. 

I don’t know the name of this genre of books, but I’d call them mystery-lite.  Not because they are of a lessor quality, but they don’t have all of the sex, violence, and gore prevalent in many mystery books.  The aforementioned characteristics have there place, but it is very nice to get away from them on occasion.  While you don’t have to read Harris’ previous two books to enjoy Dead Head, they are worth reading and give some character development that make reading this series more enjoyable.

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