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David and Goliath

david and goliathI often like to start one of my book reviews with a quote from the book that may capture the essence of the work.  It doesn’t always work out that way, but I am glad to say that I found one near the end of the book;

“David has nothing to lose, and because he has nothing to lose, he has the freedom to thumb his nose at the rules set by others.  That’s how people with brains a little bit different from the rest of ours get jobs as options traders and Hollywood producers – and a small band of protesters armed with nothing but their wits have a chance against the likes of Bull Conner.”

In David and Goliathauthor Malcolm Gladwell looks at how the “Davids” of the world may actually have an advantage over the Goliaths.  If you read the quote and know the surficial story of David and Goliath you know that David killed Goliath in an act that is often used to illustrate extreme bravery in the face of insurmountable odds.  As you read all of the background provided by Gladwell regarding the battle you may feel that the “underdog” was actually no such thing; that maybe poor Goliath was in fact doomed from the start and many of the underdogs and misfits in society and history actually have some advantage battling giants.

As it typical of Malcolm Gladwell’s books he reaches deep into his subject matter to tell his story.  Okay he is actually telling other people’s stories, but they are never the less fascinating.  If you think you know a lot about dyslectics and their struggles you will certainly be interested in what their advantages can be.  How about the inner workings of the 1960s civil rights movements?  What about the fight to cure leukemia?  Oh and don’t forget about the American education system.  When you read David and Goliath you’ll see connections and learn some details about history that we were never taught.

I always look forward to the next work by Mr. Gladwell and he has yet to disappoint.  David and Goliath is just the next work to challenge convention, educate the mind, and entertain the soul.





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