Framing the Dialogue

Dark Matter

Jason has a pretty good life; a loving wife, a son, a decent job.  He’s not burning up the world, the marriage has cooled off a wee bit as routine has wiggled in.  He’s happy though…until he wakes up as if in a dream where everything is turned upside down.

“Standing happy and slightly drunk in my kitchen, I’m unaware that tonight is the end of all of this. The end of everything I know, everything I love.”

Based on his last memory he should probably be dead, but he is not…he is not sure of anything at this point.

“In this moment, I have no way of knowing what’s real and what isn’t. I can’t even be sure that I was ever married. No. Wait. I raise my left hand and study my ring finger. The ring is gone, but the proof of its existence lingers as a faint indentation around the base of my finger. It was there. It left a mark. That means someone took it. I touch the indentation, acknowledging both the horror and the comfort of what it represents—the last vestige of my reality.”

As you can guess, Jason figures things out.  Now he has to find a way back and that is where the novel gets crazy.

A very strange and interesting novel.

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